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Business owners wear many hats and it's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day action that leads to money coming in at the expense of time and mounting responsibilities. Ask us about our Inspiring Work philosophy that frees up more of your time.

More Money Means More Good Work

We understand the reasons you got into your business - you are primarily driven to live a life of purpose and to fulfil your dreams. As a small business owner, you also bring in clients and money. This can clash with your need to give. It doesn't help that you have trouble accepting help and money. Especially from your business. Find out how we bridge this gap for countless clients like you through rinse-repeat systems that increase revenue and allows for projects that fulfil your soul's need to giveback.


Unlimited Support

You may have experienced that the entrepreneurial road is a lot longer, darker and colder than anticipated. We pride ourselves in being a hands-on full-service business coaching outfit. We are trained in mindset and brain science work to support you mentally as you implement the high-visibility marketing and lean business strategies. You are surrounded by qualified coaches, mentors and ambitious yet kind peers.

Type of Clients We Love

We love to work with coaches, wellness practitioners, facilitators and speakers who are ready to do the work that will create business success. Your willingness to do whatever it takes and within our timelines no matter what comes your way, will ensure you meet your goals. We work 100% to create, teach, support and set you up for success. We're going to work very hard at the beginning, so that in a short while, you'll start to have unlimited fun. If you understand this, then you are a gift to us because we love to help!

How many people have you helped?

Are you asking whether Founder and Business Coach, Julia Katsivo, and her team are the real deal? We understand. Every year, Successful & Smart Business Coaching helps over a hundred and twenty new and established entrepreneurs gain clarity, confidence and implement systems that give them more time through delegation and cross-training, while increasing revenue. It is a select few who get into our Programs, including working 1-on-1 with Julia Katsivo, and this ensures our high quality services.

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Why should you have a session with us?

Marlo Higgins

I increase revenues, build systems and produce outcomes through the Maverick ROI High Performance System.

I have to share a dynamic experience my team had with Julia Katsivo. As a coach myself I know and understand the value of the niche! I reached out to Julia for some guidance and validation on this topic. Not only niche but the marketing aspect as well.

Julia quickly responded to our request to connect and dynamically connected my team to the right questions very quickly adding in some very powerful ‘past outcome’ questions that really brought light to the answers we were seeking.

If you’re in need of some sage direction given with a whole lot of value and care, I know that Julia can help you. As a business owner, it seems like we can go it alone, but the reality is it’s more powerful when you have someone on your team who can help get you there. Julia Katsivo is the ONE to get you where you want to go with clarity and ease.

Thank you, Julia for your time, attention and care. You are valued.

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Rina R

Co-Founder, Speaker Slam


Within 30 minutes I had an epiphany that completely changed the vision for my business. I came in with one tunnel vision view for my business and very quickly that was diverted to my true desires and goals for my future."

Smart Choices, Successful Outcomes

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