Successful & Smart Business Coaching helps female entrepreneurs holistically get better, faster, and more defined results without sacrificing their freedom.

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Hi, I'm Julia Katsivo Carter, a Holistic Business Coach and Founder of Successful & Smart Business Coaching. I bring several advanced mindset coaching certifications and over twenty years of experience in sales, marketing, systems and process development to the table. 

In 2014, I left my comfortable Federal government job at the Canada Revenue Agency to help female entrepreneurs create mental space to execute effective decisions making more money and peace in their lives and business. 

Mindset + Marketing + Business Strategy is my jam, and doing this work is one of my happy places.

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All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful  Business Start On The Inside


Yeah, I said it.


Are you a female entrepreneur who wants to grow her business because you're passionate about helping even more people with your skills and personality?

The thing is, you can do without the struggle and angst, right?
If this is you, right now, you probably feel it in your body as an ache or lump. It comes up mentally as a block or fog. Emotionally and spiritually, it feels like you're untethered.
Entrepreneurship is a hard road, and there are many ups and downs, but you have a choice for the struggle piece.
That one is a mindset decision.
Here are two examples: Depending on your driving experience, you may or may not panic during the journey in turbulent weather.
Also, based on your perception, you may or may not let a botched meal ruin your dinner party.
Your business will come with high highs and low lows, but you can decide how you want to be in the process.
The difference between feeling calm and decisive even in the middle of chaos and giving in to the negative emotions and reacting.
The difference between letting success or failure define you and not letting outcomes decide who you are.
The difference between making it to the other side in gratitude and making it full of bitterness and resentment for the journey.
Suppose you know who and how you want to be on the other side of your growth journey.
In that case, I have skills, techniques and processes that help you align your whole being to the mind and manners of that person.
You can sidestep struggle and angst, opening you for more easeful growth experiences.
You can get better, faster, and more defined results without sacrificing your freedom and let's be honest; you don't feel free when you struggle.
Change your mind, change your life.
Yes, it can be that easy. And yes, you deserve it. Making money, being happy with your life - doesn't have to be complicated.
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