Can I tell you a story?

At the end of 2010, I heard a simple message that forever changed my life.
"God hasn't given up on you [your dreams]; you did that. Not God."
You see, until then, I didn't know those were words I needed to hear.
Suddenly exposed, a deeply held fear and belief that I had messed up so badly and so often that God had given up on me.
Right before I received this message, I'd decided to give up on all my dreams, once and for all - to settle down and "be a good girl."
Those words immediately lit up my dying embers.
Within a few short years, my wildest dreams started to materialize before me:
I resigned from my career at the Canada Revenue Agency, started a business coaching business, bought my first home, travelled internationally to continents and countries I'd dreamed about, spoke on big and small stages, was featured in podcasts and publications (including Forbes), and won business and community peer awards. I published articles and short stories, created great family and friend relationships, improved my health, got correct in my spirituality, and became who I am today.
So much more in between all that, but you get the picture.
Things changed.
That's the power of thought, a changed mind, and hearing the right words at the right time.

Now, I know you don't look like you need help on the outside. As a leader, community builder, and decision-maker, it can be hard to ask for help. I get it :)
But I know you need help.

You've tried all the strategies, followed and bought from the business coaches, stacked up on books and courses. Nothing is working, and it's stealing your joy.
At this time, going inward is the solution.
You holistically get better, faster, and more defined results without sacrificing your freedom this way.
That's part of my approach, and yes, we do hard-core strategy. You're growing a business, after all.
If what I say resonates, you're in the right place - the buck stops here with being stuck, and real growth begins. The kind you like.
With love,
Julia Katsivo Carter

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