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How did I get here???

Well, like you, my path hasn't been straight or conventional. In fact, for the longest time, I thought that there was something wrong with me for not wanting or successfully following The Path. I didn't excel in school, go on to University, get the great job and begin to climb the ladder, meet the love of my life, have 2.5 kids and buy a house in the suburbs. A part of me wished I could be this person - life seemed a bit easier that way.

Instead I did things all out of order. I went to University and followed my dream degree but was too chicken to do the real hard work AFTER the bubble of theory and like-minded students and faculty. I panicked over mounting student loan debt and promptly went for the first job that would have me. Having moved to Canada when I was 17 with virtually ZERO work experience or exposure to Canadian culture, I went straight into... sales and customer service.


Thing about work - you only get more of what you're already doing. I was quickly hired by companies that wanted me for my sales and client service experience. Anything else I did to develop myself was for the benefit of the company and at no extra compensation - they were called projects and I was given "special mention" at corporate events or websites and team meetings.


I was frustrated. I'd put myself into a box that was little and had nothing to do with what I was passionate about or gifted to do. I prayed and cried for direction from the Lord but all I seemed to get was silence.


So I did what people like me do - I focused on fixing other people's problems!


Turns out I was great at it. I'm solution-focused and I love fixing problems (must be my nerdy side). I'm also a great motivator and I come with tons of energy. The kind that propels action. I loved it - so I did this for several decades. Helped others achieve their goals and watched them soar!


On the inside, I felt like I was on the sidelines watching others live their best lives. I smiled and was bright and energetic but I felt like I was slowly dying. One day, I officially gave up on my dreams.


My dreams to teach, coach, write fiction and non-fiction, public speak and help God's amazing creatures live in their fullest potential - all boxed up and shelved away.


That didn't last long. One day, I was listening to an online Gospel radio station on my way to my comfortable and enviable but unfulfilling job when it went radio silent. After a few moments, a voice came on and the man said, "God never gave up on you. You did that - you gave up on your dreams, not God."


I was stunned.


One blink later, I resigned from my comfy job (mortgage and other responsibilities and all) and set out to work for myself. I was hard-core motivated to help small business people (the REAL dreamers) succeed. And I do it in my strengths - marketing, sales and mindset work.

I enlisted the help of world-class mentors and paid thousands of dollars to educate myself and provide world-class service to my creatives, empaths and coaches. 


It has paid off for me.


I've helped launch businesses, streamline processes, get better client experiences and inspired business owners to live in Intentional Purpose while creating businesses that support their lifestyles. I've been featured on publications like Forbes and been on multiple stages including International ones. I've created events and even founded a conference for new entrepreneurs in Toronto, Canada. I've received awards, been nominated for awards, and met some incredible people I'd never have imagined I'd have the pleasure of now calling my friends.


So... my point is this.


God has a bigger dream for you than you can ever imagine or accomplish on your own. And by stepping into your power, you get to contribute to the success of many, many others. You grow, thrive and your light shines bright. You will be fulfilled, inspired and motivated to wake up every day ready to do what you were created to accomplish.


I want this for you. I'm just like you in many ways. I share pain, suffering, loss, defeat, shame and guilt. All human experiences. But I also live an inspired life in which it only gets better because I get to see my dreams realized in real-time. Tell me what beats that. Especially if you've lived a past filled with pain from losses and disappointments, it can feel unreal to truly believe that you were created for greater and that God wants you to experience joy and peace. Or that there is a place for you in this world where your gifts, experiences and unique identity is wanted and needed.


All this can happen for you - but you must act on faith. And faith is taking the first step without seeing the full picture, trusting that what you need to know, grow and thrive will be revealed to you at the proper time.


Are you ready to do what you know deep down you were created to do? Are you ready to stoke that fire and get out of the box that was never meant for you in the first place? 


This is your internal phone ringing - will you answer?

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