VIP Deep Dive Day

Where mindset meets strategy 

This five-hour virtual intimate group allows women business owners to transform mindsets and patterns that keep them stuck and playing small. 

Step into an abundance mindset and create a personalized blueprint for a healthier, easier way to grow your business without sacrificing freedom.

Current available dates: July 15, 2022, or Aug 19, 2022.

*Non-refundable. Please purchase responsibly. Women in business only. Sessions are recorded and parts may be used for promotional/training purposes. 

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What others are saying:

Not only does she teach you the business tactics but also the psychological reasons why we do it and why it is effective. When things make sense, you gain confidence in what you do. Julia gave me that confidence in myself and my business. Also, every interaction with Julia is filled with compassion and understanding. When you are beating yourself up like many entrepreneurs are, you appreciate her warm and kind personality.

Hiroko I.

Among other things, we focused on mindset shifting, vision planning, and goal-setting. Julia uses a balanced and highly empathetic approach to help you discover the blockages preventing you from living authentically and succeeding in all your personal and professional pursuits. Julia is remarkably inspiring, motivating, and encouraging. She fully invests in those she works with and will require/push them to do the work. She'll walk side by side with you on your journey to excellence and provide you with the tools you need to drop bad habits, increase self-confidence, better manage your time and talents, and show up in life as you're supposed to. What more could you want in a coach?

Linda G

Before attending, I struggled to define who my target market was for my business. I thought they were both professionals and entrepreneurs. I was trying to talk to everyone but no one was listening. I had been attending events and delivering talks where my target market was not and therefore not gaining new clients. When I attended the seminar I realized that my target market was professionals in corporate jobs. I also discovered my why was wrong. I wanted to help professionals as I knew what it was like to be passed over for promotions and didn’t know why. I overcame this and realized that was how I could help others who are trying to get a promotion. Now I know to attend events exactly where my target audience will be. I focus on social media that they are likely to be on and use the language that speaks directly to them.

Charmaine B.

Julia is so calming and in control. Within 30 minutes I had an epiphany that completely changed the vision for my business. I came in with one tunnel vision view for my business and very quickly that was diverted to my true desires and goals for my future. This past week I've noticed how I've shifted my marketing. I am now far more clear with my intentions and messaging. In fact, Julia helped me see how I needed to focus on my own personal brand. This is something you lose sometimes when you are in a partnership:) I feel more empowered as a result. I also have a new understanding of Sales. Before I felt like I was failing. Understanding the metrics required to actually close business has helped me have more realistic expectations while also forcing me to widen my reach and impact.

Rina R.

We love the way she integrates the new digital world and the traditional tried and tested methods of sales and marketing. What she did to intrigue us about her services is exactly what we would like to do more of with our potential clients. Her evening workshop gave us the vision to see what we could focus on because when you have your own business it can be difficult to step back and analyze. To top it off she is very friendly and knowledgeable about her craft. Her one-day seminar filled us with hopes and ideas and a plan to be able to reach our goals with ethical, creative and successful business practices.

Toby M.

I have to say that my full day working experience working with Julia Katsivo, has shifted so many things for me, both personally and professionally. I now feel renewed confidence and strength in my vision as a Best-Seller Publisher and Book-Writing Coach, moving forward. I'm so thankful for my uncomplicated and updated business plan that has restructured my personal value and unlimited mindset as an entrepreneur. It has inspired me to continue on my powerful path of also helping others step into their greatest moments of honoring their journey with truth about their painful or life changing experiences with integrity and strength to boldly inspire others. As a result, I now know who my ideal clients are and they are the most beautiful people living their authentic truth with courage and grace. My refreshed perspective has inspired me to continue sharing my valuable knowledge and insight with the world.

Anita S

$5,400.00 CAD

Want a healthier relationship with your money that results in business growth that feels good? 

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