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Level I The Centering Experience


During This Free Training, You Will Experience:

  • Homeostasis. Learn and tap into this natural state whereby you feel centred, stable, and at peace regardless of what's happening around you.
  • Activate Your Most Centred Thoughts. Your #1 business asset is your mind. Centring your thoughts creates the energetic shift required to expand into your expansive business vision without the fog of fear and resistance. You will discover what your most centred spot is and how to continually come back to it when it comes to making and executing effective decisions.
  • An Empowering Way to Lean Into Discomfort. Centring your thoughts is just the beginning. I show you how to lean into discomfort (welcome it even) as a way of life - because growth is your endgame. Peaceful, easeful growth.
  • A Way to Identify and Disrupt Negative Thoughts or Thought Loops. Your innate nature avoids pain, and business growth invites pain through fears. Visibility, success, failure, time, energy - all that's required will kick up your defence systems. Learn how to quickly identify what's going on and shift into an empowering state that deals with the fears and creates decisive action.
  • Embody Your Empowering Thoughts. It is one thing to think leadership thoughts and quite another to act on them. The powerful exercise in this video will help you integrate what you learn and experience so you walk out - well, different.
  • A Deep Connection with Your Ideal Client. Feel connected with the person you serve, your mission, and your value which increases marketing engagement, best fit sales and team growth.

*FREE access for 7 days. 

What People Are Saying:

As a business owner, it seems like we can go it alone, but the reality is it’s more powerful when you have someone on your team who can help get you there. Julia Katsivo Carter is the ONE to get you where you want to go with clarity and ease.

Marlo H

Julia offers a great set of tools to use along with a wonderful insight into the personal side of your business. She knows just the right questions to ask to get you to delve deeper into what you want to get you where you want to go.

Heather L

Julia is not afraid to step up and let you know in a kind and generous way where you need to grow yourself and your business.

Jane H.

Julia's guidance and counsel has opened me up to start manifesting my goals and allowed me to level up in my business where I am seeing great results.

Janisa W.

Julia uses a balanced and highly empathetic approach to help you discover the blockages preventing you from living authentically and succeeding in all your personal and professional pursuits.

Linda G