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CREATE a great business that gives you the life of your dreams 

How To Find Your Ideal Client Without Struggle focuses on teaching you to identify your clients, where to find them and what to say so that you make more money. This is a comprehensive 4-week online course.

This is what your video series virtual Program includes:

  • Four recorded webinars with handouts 

  • Access to a closed Facebook Group

  • Bonus material

This is what you can expect to learn during your training:

  •  ​Discover your angle 

Find your competitive advantage - what makes you different and is directly aligned with your WHY 

  •  Discover your client 

Create a complete client profile with all the little details that matter and you never thought of before

  •  Discover your client's journey 

Learn the marketing strategy that works to attract your ideal clients by targeting them at different points in their journey from need to purchase - trust me, you need this to create once-and-for-all marketing that keeps bringing in people ready to buy

  •  Messaging 

Create compelling marketing messages that can be used on social media, during networking events, in emails and in person - finally, no more wondering what to say when you do meet your ideal client

Not only do you get the easy-to-understand tutorial videos and handouts, but you also get to ask your questions in my closed Facebook group the duration of your course.

"I struggled to define who my target market was for my business. I thought they were both professionals and entrepreneurs. I was trying to talk to everyone one but no one was listening. I had been attending events and delivering talks where my target market was not and therefore not gaining new clients.


Now I know to attend events exactly where my target audience will be. I focus on social media that they are likely to be on and use the language that speaks directly to them. I highly recommend if you want to get clarity as to what clients you want to attract, where to find them and what language to use." - Charmaine Bryan

"Taking Julia Katsivo's 4 week virtual course was a game changer for me! I was making a business shift in the product I was offering and was stuck on how best to go about getting the word out. This program gave me a great set of tools to use to make the shift now and going forward. I am in the process of implementing all of the great things that Julia has helped me develop. She offers a great set of tools to use along with a wonderful insight into the personal side of your business. She knows just the right questions to ask to get you to delve deeper into what you want to get you where you want to go."- Heather Lacey

"I have to say a huge "Thank you" to Julia for honouring her calling and passion to help others find clarity and confidence to succeed as a Business Coach. I encourage everyone connected with her to be ready and open to accepting what the Universe has in store for you and welcome the people that come into your life with a mission to help you fulfill your greatest potential. Working with Julia is a great place to start!" 


Anita Sechesky

How to find your ideal client without struggle

This is a hands-on experience designed to make you think and act on what will give you clarity and a clear sense of direction for your business. 


I know firsthand how challenging starting a business can be and all the different ways life will throw distractions at you.


Be ready to do away with all excuses that prevent you from absorbing the material, participating fully, and NAILING your target market, ideal client, and your messaging.


When you have these three aspects of your business worked out, you'll discover an ease in reaching out to the right people to let them know exactly how you can help them, and they will pay you for it.


You will stop wasting time or feeling like a failure because you're unable to get your business off the ground.

You'll find more of the work you'd love to do and you'll be rewarded with payments and happy clients.


I'm Julia Katsivo, award winning social entrepreneur with over 21 years experience in marketing, sales, process development and execution. I'm also the Founder of Successful & Smart Business Coaching, where entrepreneurs find the wisest, fastest path to success.

As a Business Coach, I help women (and some amazing men) in business who want growth in profit without taking time away. We start with the vision and create a plan. Then I support you as you execute your plan to living your wildest dreams through your business. All without losing an inch of what makes you unique or vibes with your soul.


I believe that understanding one’s target market well is the key to marketing strategies that work leading to more sales and money.