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welcome to the successful & smart world makers project
Can I be wildly ambitious and still have a life?

Hiroko Ideguchi, Relationship Coach

When I started working with Julia, I was at the point where I knew enough to start doubting myself and my business. Not only she teaches you the business tactics but also the psychological reasons why we do it and why it is effective. Julia gave me that confidence in myself and my business. Also, every interaction with Julia is filled with compassion and understanding. When you are beating yourself up like many entrepreneurs are, you appreciate her warm and kind personality. If your business is struggling to thrive, work with Julia. She will guide you, stretch you, help you thrive!

Marlo Higgins, Coach, Published Author, Speaker

If you’re in need of some sage direction given with a whole lot of value and care, I know that Julia can help you. As a business owner, it seems like we can go it alone, but the reality is it’s more powerful when you have someone on your team who can help get you there. Julia Katsivo is the ONE to get you where you want to go with clarity and ease. Thank you, Julia for your time, attention and care. You are valued.

Muthoni Gathitu, Travel Agent

Julia was a true eye opener for me on what steps to take to propel my business forward. She is very thorough in how she approaches her clients. When we started our coaching session, I was very unclear on how to achieve my goals but after our session I was more clear on what steps to take and action points to drive me towards my goals. I would highly recommend her services if your looking to build your business and get clear on your path to building a successful business. 

In my experience, most people sabotage themselves because they don't want a wildly successful business that compromises on what's most important to them - their time alone or with their families.

So they have their coffee meets, networking events, co-working appointments and sales conversations. NOT ONE SALE. 

Or they gain traction in their business and then hit a wall - the money and clients dry up and no matter what they do, no-one's buying.

They could even be successful and hit 6 figures within a short period of time BUT their calendar starts to run them - they don't have a spare minute to themselves and are always tired or drained.

It can be confusing to experience this especially when you know you're doing your best to be seen and heard and you have such great products and services that change lives for the better.

Why am I not getting clients, Julia? I've tried EVERYTHING

What I've discovered in coaching hundreds of clients over a period of time is that two layers of resistance stand in the way of more clients and more money in the bank.

FIRST - Most people have an idea of whom they want to serve, but they don't have a very good idea of who that person is.

It's one thing to say, "I want to empower women to step into their brilliance and own their magic." And quite another to give me all the details of who such a person is.


What are the demographics? Where do you find such a person? What keeps her up at night? What is her deepest, darkest fear? What is her motivation to change? How does she typically handle change? What does she do to solve problems? Where can she find you? How will she know that this is what is missing - because, no-one and I mean no-one wakes up in the morning and says, "I need to find my brilliance."


The clients who come to me for help are coaches, teachers, and creatives who feel stuck. They are out there marketing and doing all the things they think they should and not seeing any results. They want to make money. They want a successful business.




They also want to live in integrity and not compromise on their values. Money isn't high on their value list but it is important. Spending time with those they love is higher on their value list. Being of service and helping others is higher on their value list. Knowing that their work makes a difference is higher on their value list.


If I marketed simply on the money point, I would attract the wrong kind of client. I would attract one who simply wants to make money and doesn't care about anything else. I'd attract one who is willing to short-cut and hack their way into success.


Instead, I attract the givers and light-chasers and the professionals who use both the left and right side of their brains, seeking practical business advice while paying attention to their holistic tendencies.

Knowing your ideal client like the back of your hand is the first key to attracting more of the clients you love and effortless money exchanges.

"I have to say that my experience working with Julia Katsivo, has shifted so many things for me, both personally and professionally. I now feel renewed confidence and strength in my vision as a Best-Seller Publisher and Book-Writing Coach, moving forward. I'm so thankful for my uncomplicated and updated business plan that has restructured my personal value and unlimited mindset as an entrepreneur. It has inspired me to continue on my powerful path of also helping others step into their greatest moments of honouring their journey with truth about their painful or life changing experiences with integrity and strength to boldly inspire others. As a result, I now know who my ideal clients are and they are the most beautiful people living their authentic truth with courage and grace. My refreshed perspective has inspired me to continue sharing my valuable knowledge and insight with the world. Lastly, I have to say a huge "Thank you" to Julia for honouring her calling and passion to help others find clarity and confidence to succeed as a Business Coach. I encourage everyone connected with her to be ready and open to accepting what the Universe has in store for you and welcome the people that come into your life with a mission to help you fulfill your greatest potential. Working with Julia is a great place to start!"

- Anita Sechesky 

"This past week I've noticed how I've shifted my marketing. I am now far more clear with my intentions and messaging. In fact, Julia helped me see how I needed to focus on my own personal brand. This is something you lose sometimes when you are in a partnership:) I feel more empowered as a result. I also have a new understanding about Sales. Before I felt like I was failing. Understanding the metrics required to actually close business has helped me have more realistic expectations while also forcing me to widen my reach and impact. All such amazingly useful information. Whether you are starting out in business or you are stuck somewhere along the journey, Julia's program can absolutely show the way. Highly recommended"

- Rina Rovinelli

SECOND - It's one thing to want money and it's quite another to get it.

Like many people, I've had a complicated relationship with money.

I never learned how to keep it or to make it work for me by making more.


No matter how much I made, I always lived paycheque to paycheque - and there was always an emergency to drain my savings.


When I had money I was outgoing and generous - the world and my life was full of possibilities. When I didn't, I was mean and stingy and doomed to never "make it."


Money had a powerful hold over my life.


It was the difference between dreams coming true and life feeling like it had no meaning.


Because let's face it - the ability or inability to be a stable provider is closely tied to self-worth.


It took me many many years to understand and first accept my unhealthy view of money. Even more to realize I was the one who capped how much


I made because of how I felt about money. Even more years to work on my mindset.


Trusting that money would come and stay was once something I couldn't believe in. My experience was that it was planned for before it even showed up - so in it came and out it went.


Trusting that I would always find a way and that I didn't have to rely on working for someone else with a capped potential was once impossible to consider - so my only sources of money were employment and not investments or passive income.


Believing that I had something of value that others would willingly pay for.... wooo! That took a lot of inner work to turn into a reality.

And I see this happen all the time with my clients. Their difficult relationship with money floods their good attempts at earning and keeping more of it.

Ok, now what -

We create a plan based on sound business principles and we change the subconscious soundtrack that makes it hard for you to make and keep money.

Private consulting + coaching to create the wisest, fastest path to your success.

My Successful & Smart World Makers project involves closely working with motivated high-achievers who already know their focus and their power. They are already deep in the game BUT somewhere along the way they lost a handle on their priorities and time - and they want it back.


They want to continue to grow and flourish but they also want more alone time and time to do the things they love with their families now, not when it's too late and kids are grown or health and relationships have fallen apart.


Over a year:

  •  We drill down on Intentional Purpose (where every action has an intention linked to your purpose)

  • Create an ambitious yet realistic plan for the year that includes high growth AND less time (this is accomplished through focused effort and a concentration on the 20% of activities that bring in 80% of the results)

  • Then work through the massive resistance and unplannable (yes, I said it) life events that seem to "randomly" spring up every time one sets a clear intention toward something life-changing.

I'm excited about this project because I love to watch people in their element - the results are always so spectacular. So knowing I can give you order and a focus so that you can both achieve your goals and not miss out on life and its greatest gifts (those in your life) is a privilege for me.


For you, you get to learn a guilt-free way of living where what and whom you love is not sacrificed while fully exploring the limits of your ambition and what you can do on earth.

How this works

Over 12 months we work on the following:

- Your year's revenue goal, business model, competitive advantage, marketing plan 

- Your business name and branding

- Your marketing message 

- Your website copy

- Your social media bios to reflect your expertise and what you represent 

- Your target market, ideal client and value proposition

- List of complementary organizations to approach and types of networking spaces to attend

- Your free gift and how to promote it so you can grow your list

- Your email nurture sequence

- A closed Facebook group to attract and engage potential clients

- Your product/service offerings, names, benefits, features and pricing

- Your launch dates and campaigns 

- Your webinar/workshop content/structure

- First webinar or workshop using my system 

- Review and tweaking of first webinar/workshop

- Tweaking business model, offerings, pricing, messaging, client avatar and marketing plan

- Setting up marketing funnel and sales process

In addition, we work on:

- Developing your growth mindset

- Releasing negative energy and thoughts that no longer serve you

- Creating boundaries in your personal and professional life

- Cultivating self-soothing tools for the anxiety and lows entrepreneurship brings

- Interpersonal and communication skills at home and work

- Time-management and organizational skills

Are you my private coach?

Yes - we work exclusively together.

Twice a month we get on the phone for 45 minutes each call.

Most clients find this schedule works best for their busy lives and they also schedule their calls months in advance and around their business activities. For example, you'll want to talk to me before and after your networking event, sales call or marketing launch.

What is the investment?

Let's book a call to make sure this is the right opportunity for you before discussing your skin in the game.

This all sounds good - but - I still have some questions

Now, if the reason you haven't joined yet is because you have questions, I'd love to see if I can answer those questions here.

Q. I'm not sure the timing is right for me

If you're honest, you already spend a lot of time in thinking or indecision mode - or trying to think of what to offer, write and say and to whom. Before you know it, a year has passed. Either way, with or without the Program, twelve months will pass and you will still want to see results - right? This is the wisest and fastest way to make the best use of your time and energy. I provide the plan, the steps and the support.

So, we speak twice a month for 45 minutes over the phone and believe me, you need this time to connect with me. You'll feel supported, gain clarity and master confidence. This will impact your actions and how you use your time and energy.

Other than the calls, you have unlimited email access and online support as well. I'll challenge you to work outside your comfort zone for sure, but these are things you'd have to do anyway. The difference is, you won't be alone and you won't feel overwhelmed and defeated. You won't waste time being afraid or not doing anything.

Q, This sounds pretty expensive, Julia

I absolutely understand that cost can be a major consideration – especially since most of us aren't used to investing in programs to better ourselves, rather than "stuff." And the truth is - it is going to cost you to get the help you need to achieve your big goal.

But what I usually ask people is – is it that you genuinely don't have the money? Or is it that you have the money (or the ability to GET the money), but you think you'll need to spend it on other things?

Because while we all seem to get super resourceful when we need to replace a broken phone or plasma TV, we tend to let our true dreams slip away all too easily.

The truth is, if having a flourishing and sustainable business is what you truly, truly want – then how can you afford NOT to go after it with all you've got PLUS the guidance, support, and tools that I can provide?

Q. The program sounds great, but how do I know I'll see results?

Great question. The results you get out of the Program depend on how much you're willing to commit. But the good news is, you have me with you every step of the way, giving you guidance, cheering you on, and helping you troubleshoot any new problems that crop up along the way.

So here's the deal - what you get from this Program is absolutely CRUCIAL to having any meaningful and lasting business results. So even if you don't hit your targets by the end of our time together, you WILL have the tools needed, as well as a greater awareness of how to attract more of the clients you want.

Q, How does it work again?

Yes!!! Now we're talking. The Successful & Smart World Makers Project is a 12-month private Program. Each month, you get two 45 minute phone calls with me, where I take you through my Success Steps.

During our time together, we create and work a plan - while working on your mindset to prepare you for success.

You also get unlimited online support, which means that you can still get my support between our scheduled sessions.

Q. What if I have other questions?

I'd love to hop on the phone and chat! Schedule a time to chat with me by clicking this link and I'll answer any and all questions you have.

I can't wait to help you NAIL this part of your journey and watch you become successful!

Julia is very detailed oriented and dedicated to helping people transition out of living a 9 to 5 corporate lifestyle. She helps her clients implement a system to be more productive in the pursuit of an individual's passion and turning it into income without being reliant on a j.o.b.-  Celeste London

Toby MacPhee, Professional Home Organizer

We love the way she integrates the new digital world and the traditional tried and tested methods of sales and marketing. What she did to intrigue us about her services is exactly what we would like to do more of with our potential clients.

We value Julia's assistance greatly and recommend her to anyone who has a small business. Thank- you Julia

Devonia DeBeck, Interior Designer

I was impressed with all the ah-ha moments I had as she walked us through a business planning process that was easy to execute. I had done plans before but Julia's approach left me with more clarity on my target client and vision for my business. I realized that I was chasing a lot of strategies that was not serving me and Julia helped me see this. I would definitely recommend spending time with Julia to give you a shift in your business, even if you have been in business for a while. I look forward to working with Julia further to see what else she can uncover for my business.

Roxane Heslop, Health Coach

When going through the program, I learned so much about identifying my target market and moving through my comfort zone. Julia has really helped to open my eyes and my mind to the possibilities that are available to me. She is very professional and makes herself available to assist you in anyway that is specific to your personal needs. I felt that it was time and money well invested.

Okay, I'm ready to start!

First things first, we talk on the phone to make sure we are a right match for each other. Send me an email and we'll set up a time to speak about you joining the Successful & Smart World Makers project.